The company

Fabrizio Zago – Photography & Media is a German company run by its Italian founder, Fabrizio Zago. Fabrizio worked in Italy for approximately 15 years for various companies in the media branch (print and audiovisual) and covered a wide range of tasks. He worked as a layout designer for books, as a teacher for Photoshp and web design at university courses and private institutes, shot and edited video, then co-authored a Photoshop book, for which he also designed the layout and delivered the pictures, and Of course, he worked as a photographer.
Especially when asked as a photographer, this was for public events, product, industrial and food photography and for restaurants.
The fact that Fabrizio covers these different areas shows his flexibility and ability to move from one job to the next and focus on the final result. During his projects, he has met a wide range of brilliant colleagues who have worked with him: from writers, videomakers, illustrators. Therefore, we are sure that, if necessary, Fabrizio Zago – Photography & Media can put together a team to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are there for you.

Biography & Publications

  • 2016: Two Bronze awards at the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2016: Published on the german magazine for black and white photography “Schwarzweiss – Das Magazin für Fotografie” (Tecklenborg Verlag).
  • 2014: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2013″ (over 25.000 images submitted).
  • 2013: Five Bronze awards at the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2013: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2012″ (over 25.000 images submitted).
  • 2012: Published on the Hasselblad Bulletin with a panoramic XPan picture.
  • 2012: Bronze award for a photograph at the EPSON International photographic Pano Awards.
  • 2012: Finalist in the international “OASIS photocontest 2011″ (over 20.000 images submitted).
  • 2011: Pictures printed in the book “Discovering Torino – United Italy’s first capital” published by Touring Editore.
  • 2010: Co-writer of the italian book “PHOTOSHOP: Finalmente lo imparo!” published by CLUT.
  • 2009: Author of the photobook “Lo sguardo sulla città – Luci ed emozioni di Torino”, printed in a limited edition for a company based in Turin as a Christmas gift for its best customers.
  • 2007: Official photographer for the serie of concerts during the Nichelino Soundfest (Tuin) with pictures published on the national newspaper “La Stampa”.
  • 2006: Collective exhibition “Olympic mountains” that took place after the XX Olympic Winter Games of Turin.
  • 2006: Winner of a photo contest in the section Architecture.
  • 2005: Photographs of Los Angeles and Las Vegas published on the travel guides Schmap for their website and for their mobile apps.