The panoramic pictures that you can see in these galleries were taken with the XPan, a professional panoramic camera from Hasselblad. They can be printed in big size and on any material of your choice, for example canvas or forex sheets.


Lago Maggiore, Italy

Panoramic images from Lago Maggiore (Italy) and its islands.

Pröbsting See, Germany

Pictures from Pröbsting See, a small lake situated in Hoxfeld (Kreis Borken), North Rhine-Westphalia.

Lake Kerkini (Greece) - Panoramic images

Panoramic images taken at the Lake Kerkini, Greece


Valle Stretta (Vallée Étroite) - Panoramic

Panoramic photographs taken in Valle Stretta (Vallée Étroite), a valley at the French-Italian border.

Montgenèvre - Panoramic images

Panoramic photographs of the mountains surrounding the area of Montgenèvre, a city on the French-Italian border at the top of the Col de Montgenèvre.


Sylt, Germany (North Sea) - Panoramic photographs

Panoramic photographs taken at the Island of Sylt, North Sea (Germany).



Hamburg - Panoramic images

Panoramic photographs of Hamburg and its life.

Essen - Panoramic images

Panoramic images of Essen, Germany

street art

Murals and graffiti

Panoramic photographs of murals, graffiti and street art taken in several countries.