Descrizione Progetto

Photoshop: finalmente lo imparo!Language: italian
Publisher: CLUT

This book represents the paper version of more than ten years experience teaching courses in photo-editing.
In particular, the program developed in the book is similar to the one of the training course “Digital processing of images” that takes place at “Collegio Universitario Renato Einaudi” of Turin and is accredited both by the University of Turin, Degree in Computer Science, and by the Third Faculty of the Politecnico of Turin.


Fabrizio Zago is not only the co-author of the book but he designed the layout of the book itself. His experience in desktop publishing brought a clear disposition of texts and images and simplicity in the explanation of the excercises and of the in-depth analysis, at the end of each chapter, making the book easy to be read also for beginners.
Here you can download a compressed folder with 3 pdf files as a sample of the book: the table of contents, the introduction and the chapter 2.3.