The mission

Nowadays more than ever videos are a powerful way to send a message and social networks and video sharing platforms offer a huge possibility for everyone to spread contents and ideas to all over the world.

Fabrizio Zago – Photography & media uses professional video cameras and microphones in order to have the best quality possible to shoot advertisements for your company or for your products, special events, conferences or for YouTube channel.

Together with the “normal” video camera it may be possible to use the GoPro cameras. Thanks to their mounting accessories, they can be placed mostly everywhere therefore it’s possible to film the scene from unusual perspectives. These scenes, added to the classic ones, give more choice during the editing process and the final video will have more impact.

Don’t you need “classic” services? Let’s say, for example, that you would like to have a memory about your day at the zoo with your family. We will film you during the day and in the following days we’ll edit the footage to give you the final video, ready to be watched on tv.

Another example? You have painting as a hobby. Why not doing a short documentary about yourself and your works? You can use it as a memory for you and your family and friends, as a way to promote yourself and your art or simply to share your hobby with the rest of the world and to receive opinions.

What about if you have your own footage but you don’t have enough knowledge in video editing? Maybe you’ve bought a video camera to record your holiday in Australia.. and then? What to do with the footage? Fabrizio Zago – Photography and media will take care of all. The images that you’ve shot will be edited and combined with the right soundtracks and all will be delivered to you ready to be watched with family and friends.

As you could have understood, Fabrizio is open to every kind of possibility and doesn’t shoot video exclusively for big companies because he thinks that everyone must have the possibility to receive a professional service and at a reasonable price. Because of this there isn’t a standard pricelist, Fabrizio doesn’t like to put customers in a “cage”of prices. Every customer has specific needs and every project is unique and so each customer will pay only for what he ask for.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re sure to find the right solution for you!

We are available for:

  • Corporate events
  • Industrial
  • Documentaries
  • Reportage for Tv or Web-Tv
  • Advertisements
  • Tourism promotion
  • Concerts
  • YouTubers – Content creators

Some examples