With this video I would like to show you my first station in this journey into the Münsterland and its treasures: the castles and the villages around them.
Here we are at Castle Anholt. The park around the castle is so big that I think I need to come back to shoot again, there are a lot of pathways and beautiful scenes to discover and when you choose a path, you miss the others.
Now I can only imagine how amazing it would be when it’s autumn, with the many colors of the leaves, or in winter with the snow. I really think I’ll come back, if the weather allows me.

More info about the Castle:

The Castle of Anholt (Schloss Anholt or Wasserburg Anholt, in german) is one of the most famous moated castles in Münsterland and it’s located in the city of Anholt (fraction of Isselburg) in the district of Borken. Built between the twelfth and the seventeenth century, the baroque castle is from 1647 the residence of the Prince of Salm-Salm.
It is surrounded by a park of 25 hectares which, after the destruction of the 2nd World War, it was rebuilt in 1964 in Baroque style. The last modification of landscaping of the park dates back to 1999 on the initiative of Prince Carl Philip, with the creation of a huge field of wild flowers.