Often, people tell me: "I already have a website, I have my facebook page". Having a Facebook page (or any other social network page) is a good way to be visible in internet and build up a network of contacts but for a company or a serious professional must be considered an element to use beside an official website. Why? Let me explain you this in some points. Don't fix your marketing plan only on social networks, you can't talk with them and ask to modify something because for your activity it's better in another way. I or my team will listen to your requests and then we'll design the website that suits your needs: we'll be always ready for you!

we develop websites for:

  • Companies
  • Bloggers
  • Artists
  • Restaurants
  • Touristic promotion
  • E-commerce (it will be done by an external trusted company under our supervision)

Thanks to our experience in several branches, for any website of the listed above we can provide the multimedia contents by doing photo and video shooting, for example for your products catalogue for your online shop, or for the most interesting places in the city, if the website is for a touristic promotion. Our knowledge in desktop publishing comes to your favour: together with the website we can create your corporate identity by designing your business cards or presentation brochures to give to customers or for a trade fair.    


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